With this program you will be paid to post, talk and share Oh Sweet Pea with all your fun family and friends when they use your influencer code at checkout. The best part is that everyone within our community can participate. You just need to share your code with others when they place an order!

Here’s how it works:

  1. We will give you a code that you come up with for your family and friends to use. They will use that code on our website when checking out and then you are paid 5% of the order made with your code (before taxes and shipping). They MUST USE the code when checking out. If they forget, we won’t be able to count it towards your commission.
  2. We will pay you the commission you make each month on the 7th of the following month by PayPal or Venmo. You must have orders that total 100.00 or more to be paid the commission. 
  3. Your code will be specific to you and will give your friends and family 10% off their order.
  4. You may not post your code on Oh Sweet Pea social media sites. We don’t want to overrun our site with so many codes. Your code is meant to be shared by you in other ways. Be creative!
  5. You can send us recent photos of you sweet ones in a photo with our outfit and we will post the code, with your sweet ones photo, on our Oh Sweet Pea page to spread the word about you. Please make sure that the photos sent are not sold out or last season. 
  6. Top influencers will be chosen each month to receive gift cards from Oh Sweet Pea that are sharing and having orders come through.
  7. We can cancel your influencer code at any time, if the rules are not followed.
  8. We want this to be a fun way for you to earn some extra cash for spreading the word about Oh Sweet Pea.

If you are interested, please email us at ohsweetpeaclothing@gmail.com with ‘Oh Sweet Pea Influencer” You will hear back from us by the end of the month you are applying in. We create all new influencer codes toward the end of the month. 

Send us a code that you would like to give to family and friends. We recommend it be less than ten letters and/or numbers. This code will give them 10% off, plus be used to track your 5% commission. 

When sending photos to post with your influencer code, please note we will not use all of them. We will pick and choose according to the need. You are giving us permission to use your photo on our social media site when you email us photos.

We reserve the right to terminate your influencer code for misuse. If your influencer code isn’t used within 60 days, your code will become inactive.

You can use our flat lay photos, but you cannot use any model we feature on our website. You can also use your own code on your orders. 

If you have any questions about our program, don’t hesitate to email us and ask. We are always happy to help! Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an influencer and spreading the happiness!